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vitmo® is the Specialist for
CBRN-Decontamination and Infektion Protection

Welcom to Vitmo®

Vitmo® offers a range of products for clinical and home care, for civil protection, disaster prevention, disaster and emergency management. Our products are targeted on perfect support on CBRN decontamination and for quarantine such as "Barrier Nursing" and for MRSA-prophylaxis.

VitmoŽ products are innovative and practical solutions to optimize work routines and to lower at the same time the risk of infections. Our products offer an optimum help for emercency services. They are simple to use, easy in handling and perfectly adapted to the needs of emergency service staff.





vitmo® health & care - Dr. Gabriele Bartel-Lingg - D-73732 Esslingen - Fon +49 (0) 7 11 9 31 94 - 50

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